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We Need MOre Workers!

Regional church leaders repeat this plea throughout Southeast Asia. Excitement is building as decades- long missionary efforts are now producing a steady harvest. The fires of evangelism are spreading into neighboring creative-access countries, and new churches are being planted each year. Yet 60% of new churches do not have biblically trained leadership! And those who are working the fields need reinforcements now!

From at-Risk to World Changers

Orphanages and youth homes are rescuing hundreds of at-risk kids and raising them to know Jesus. These youth are now responding to the call to GO and make disciples of ALL nations. They are excited and on fire to change their world with the good news of Jesus Christ.


LANNA THEOLOGICAL CENTER sits in the midst of this fruitful field. LTC is a four-year discipleship and academic leadership training program that is equipping workers for all varieties of ministries. Hundreds of workers are in the field serving in ministries such as translation, church planting, church leadership, orphanages and youth homes. And yet, there is a need for more!



What started as a single step of faith has blossomed into a multi-generational dedication to growing leaders and making disciples.


Faculty & Staff

Meet some of our leaders and instructors that are dedicated to building God's Kingdom in Southeast Asia.


Stories of Faith

Learn about some of our students and graduates and how God is using his people to declare the love and truth of his Gospel.

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