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Community of blessing


Lanna Theological Center and C.M.O.
invite you to join them to serve the poor and
marginalized in Thailand by joining a Community
of Blessing Team!

Community of Blessing is CMO’s short-term missions ministry program. COB hostMobile Medical Clinics comprised of three stations that provide health, dental and vision care. Volunteers partner with Lanna Theological Center to minister to the poor and marginalized of Northern Thailand.


Who we are

Community of Blessing a ministry of The Christian Mission to the Orient. CMO’s passion is training and equipping leaders for the community. Their primary ministry is Lanna Theological Center which is Leadership Training Bible College in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

What we do

CMO recruits teams of both medical professionals and non-professional volunteers. The COB teams partner Lanna Theological Center and national pastors to host mobile medical clinics in rural mountain villages of northern Thailand. . It is a great opportunity to cross the boundaries of language and culture and work in unison to share God’s love with the poor. The bonds of friendship you make will last for eternity!

What is our Purpose?

  1. Be an Encouragement, a blessing and a help to Kingdom Workers impacted by the ministry of Christian Mission to the Orient who are serving in areas of resistance with limited resources. The Clinics open doors for national pastors to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to support their evangelistic efforts by sharing God’s love and compassion for people.

  2. To Expose volunteers to the needs of people and to provide a context for the Holy Spirit to do a significant work in their lives. 

  3. To bring together the Family of God to inspire and encourage each other in faith, love, and service for the Lord.

clinic stations

Medical Exam & Pharmacy

The medical station provides basic community health exams. Anyone from Doctor, NP, PA, R, LPN, EMT, and even Students can make a difference. Our Pharmacy distributes basic medicines that are bought in country.


The system is so easy. You don’t have to be a professional. We’ll train you. COB has a large inventory of used glasses. The hand-held auto-refractor calculates the patient’s prescription and sends it to the computer. The computer searches the inventory for the 5 closest matches. Volunteers pull the matches from the boxes and the patient tries them on to see if one fits. (We also have reading glasses to distribute.)


We have 5 mobile units. Any dental profession or student can serve in this station. Dentist, hygienist, assistants, and dental students are all welcomed. There are even positions for Non- professionals too. (you can help sterilize the tools and hold a hand!)


Can Non-Medical Professionals come?

YES!  There are plenty of positions for everyone.   

What kind of medical professionals are needed?

Any! Anyone from the healthcare field can serve.  


Health Exams:   Doctors, NP, PA, RN, LPN, EMTS 
Dental Care:      Dentist, Dental Hygienist and dental assistants 


*COB welcomes students from medical, nursing, dental schools to come and bless others with your new growing skills. 

When are trips scheduled?

Trips dates are flexible and COB often works with church groups to schedule a team.  


The most common dates for COB teams are : 

   1.  January 
   2.  May  (usually between the 15—30th) 
   3.  End of September—first of  October 

What is the cost?

The total cost includes in-country fee, plane ticket and personal expenses and ranges from $2,100-$2,500.

In-country Fee:   $700    (includes housing, food, transportation, medical supplies while in-country 
Plane Ticket:     can range between $1,200—1,500 depending on point of departure and time of year
Personal:  COB recommends you have a minimum of $200 for personal needs, snacks and fun day. 

How can i find out more?

Click the button below to fill out a general interest form for Community of Blessing short term mission trips or contact for more information.

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