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The LTC Endowment

Impact Asia Foundation established the LTC Endowment to provide ongoing funding, reaping a  harvest of impact for years to come. 


Continuing The Story...

Forty years after David and Dolores Filbeck stepped out in faith, it is now time to focus attention on sustainability of their leadership training program in northern Thailand.

Therefore Impact Asia Foundation has established an endowment with the goal of raising $1.5 million.  These funds will be invested and produce earnings for LTC in perpetuity.

The Filbeck’s children are launching the Continue the Story campaign to raise $400,000 for the LTC Endowment.   With current pledges of $108,000, this will bring the endowment to Phase One Distribution and would provide 50% of Lanna’s annual budget in perpetuity.

We are asking your help to meet this goal.  


Your one-time gift to the LTC Endowment will ensure a lasting legacy for generations of new leaders for the Church in S.E. Asia. 

Would you consider making a contribution?   A one time gift of $2,000 from you and 200 others would help us reach the goal.  Of course you might be able to give more. Or if that is beyond your present ability, anything you can share will be a big help 

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Support Lanna Theological Center through a donation to the LTC Endowment

Your gift will provide sustainable income for Lanna Theological Center for future generations and make it possible for students to prepare for ministry.

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