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Na say

Teacher of the Word

Na Say was born into a poor Christian family.   Her mom died when she was very young.  She lived with her grandmother until she was 8 years old.  At that time, her dad and grandmother were unable to send her to school, so they made the decision to place her in an orphanage.   


Na Say says that she has no resentment towards her father for his decision.  She realizes that his life as a farmer, working the fields for days at a time would have left her unsupervised most of the time.    Considering the history of human trafficking in her home district, she feels certain that she would have been taken.  


The dorm parents immediately saw a special quality in Na Say. She was always willing to help the younger kids and do any necessary chores.  When she graduated from high school, they offered her a full-time job as a care-giver for the younger children.  

Na Say didn’t have any other place to go nor any option for further study, so she took the position.  But, she still longed for something more.   God began to place on her heart a desire to study his Word and prepare herself to be a Teacher of the Word for Children.   She laid it before the Lord, that if He wanted her to study, He would provide the finances and the opportunity.   


Students from LTC came to do a youth rally at her orphanage.   They told her that there was a new scholarship fund for orphans.  She took that as an answer, applied and  was granted a Next Step Scholarship.    


Na Say (far left) helps with Community of Blessing Medical Teams

Orphans like Na Say have a special burden for the at-risk children of SE Asia.  They are very much aware of the dangers that lurk about looking for children to deceive and exploit.   And they are determined to protect and bring needed change to a dark world.   Following graduation, she will return to her orphanage and be on staff.    


Thailand is full of orphanages and dormitories that are giving at-risk youth an opportunity to grow up in safety, security, and knowing Jesus. Out of these ministries are coming young people whom God has called into full-time service. Their generation is strategically placed to make an impact into a world that is filled with ugly.

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