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A Heart for Youth

Su-ra-chai was 5 years old when his father left the family.   Home had not been a peaceful place for the small child. His parents fought hard and Surachai learned to take his little sister and find a safe place away from the noise.


His mother had to leave the village in search of work. She would take jobs that kept her away for several weeks at a time.   Surachai was left at home to care for his sister.


At first, neighbors helped, but, as Surachai got older the expectations and responsibility grew and he fell further and further behind in school.   When he entered 4th grade, his mom re-married and moved with her new husband to another village.  As is very typical in this culture, they did not take the children.  So, the two continued to live alone.  The responsibility was too much for young Surachai.  He quit school and started hanging out with the older boys and subsequently getting into trouble with the villagers.


But a local pastor intervened and took him to a Christian Orphanage.  Finally, Surachai and his sister had a family who provided a safe haven with lots of love.


School was a struggle and by 15 he was discouraged and dropped out again.  His packed his bags and was ready to leave the day an evangelist came to visit.   He invited Surachai to come to his youth home.   Surachai needed the change, so he moved and with new encouragement, he managed to finish school.

But again, he was faced with Aloneness.    He was 18, had no family, no home base, and nowhere to go.  So, he went back to the Orphanage.  They put him to work with odd jobs.    Surachai was still longing for something of substance


A team of students from Lanna Theological Center came to hold a youth rally with the children at the orphanage.   Surachai watched as they led worship and shared their testimonies.  He heard God’s still small voice calling him to follow their example and prepare for a life of ministry.  The Team told him there were scholarships available.  He applied and was awarded a Next Step Scholarship.  


Surachai’s vision for ministry to reach out to other families and children who are broken.   He has a heart to be a voice of wisdom and counsel for other youth who are left alone.   His other vision is to plant a church in an un-reach district of Thailand.


It is only through Jesus that the world will see evil pushed back and people set free.   Jesus said, “You are the light of world.”    Your contribution to Impact Asia Foundation will ensure that LTC continues to raise up more leaders like Surachai who will bring the Light of Hope and Love to a broken world.    

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