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Wants orphans to know God's love

T’an’s parents divorced right after she was born. Her father left never to be heard from again.  Her mother left T’an in the care of grandparents and went in search of a job and a new life.  She eventually married and started a new family.  T’an has had very little contact with her biological mother.  


By age 7, both her grandparents had died, leaving T’an alone.     At that time, an evangelist opened an orphanage nearby. T’an’s family was not Christian but the pastor of a near-by church knew her situation and brought her to the orphanage.


T’an says that it was at the orphanage that she finally learned what having a caring supportive family really felt like.  She felt accepted and like she belonged.    She also was introduced to Jesus.  As she grew, so did her faith and a desire to minster to other orphans.    


As T’an neared her high school graduation, she started to pray for God to show her the next step. Most high school graduates know that whatever they do, they have a safety net called home.   For orphans, there is always a bit of insecurity.  Will the orphanage be their forever home or was it just a temporary childhood home ?


In T’an’s case, the orphanage told her they had no provisions to help her after high school.   So, T’an went to her eternal Father and asked for guidance. She heard God’s call to prepare herself to minister to other children in the same situation. Her dorm dad suggested she reach out to his school, LTC.  He had heard there was a new scholarship available for orphans.     So, T’an applied and LTC was pleased to award her a Next Step Scholarship Fund.  


T’an will graduate in March, 2020.  Her goal is to find a job where she can make a difference in the lives of families struggling to stay together. She knows personally the pain and loneliness that comes from such brokenness.   She wants to see families stay together. The Lord is continuing to fulfill that Call in her life. She will be interning with two organizations. One is specifically working with helping families stay together. The other is helping to teach poor farmers new and better techniques. T’an is excited about all she will learn during her internship. Please pray for T’an that God will continue to protect her, provide and lead her to fulfill all that He has ordained for her. Pray that T’an will remain faithful and strong in her life of service.

It is because of young adults like T’an that L.T.C. needs to continue. Your contribution to the Impact Asia Foundation Endowment for LTC will help sustain this ministry.


You can donate online or write a check to Impact Asia Foundation and send to P.O. Box 1062 / Little Elm, TX 75068 


Any amount is appreciated and valued.   IAF is able to accept  stock gifting as well.  

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